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Hundreds of children are abandoned in Slovakia every year, most of them are Roma children. Some are openly refused by their biological parents, while others are found as newborns, without a name and without a clue as to who their biological parents might be. For all of them, adoption represents a chance to find a family, but the family of a Slovak-born child does not necessarily need to be Slovak.

Roma Children :

Roma children come from different ethnic backgrounds. They face many risks that start at birth and continue through their adolescence. Like other groups of marginalized children, they are more likely to suffer from discrimination, exploitation, violence and neglect. A big number of Roma children are not registered at birth, which prevents them from accessing their rights to quality protective services, such as early childhood development services, education, and health care. Many Roma children are born into families living in poverty, which puts them at risk of child labour and unsafe working environments and other risks associated with family disempowerment.

Many Roma children end up in institutions, the over-representation of Roma children in institutions is a direct consequence of wider exclusion from society.

Some of these beautiful children are given up for adoption since their families are afflicted by poverty.

A memorandum of understanding on the adoption of children from Slovakia was signed between Malta and Slovakia on the 23/01/2014.

We Maltese can make a difference for these children. You can make the difference…adopt a Slovak Child.