Inter-Country Application – India Download


Agenzija Tama is accredited by the Indian Central Authority CARA and is thus an AFAA, Accredited Foreign Adoptions Agency. We have started the adoptions process with India late 2016 and in a year already 36 Indian children have found their forever home here in Malta.

The Indian adoption program has 2 integrated program within itself.

There is the healthy children program, and the special needs children program. For a healthy child the prospective adoptive parents wait around 1 year and a half for a referral.  The waiting time for a referral of a child from the special needs programme is much less and can be a few months only. Special needs conditions vary from very minor correctable issues to more serious cases. At registration phase the prospective adoptive parents will be asked to fill a form as to what special needs issues they would be ready to accept in their child. The correctable issues might be, malnutrition resulting from the fact that children come from very poor regions, eczema cause even the simple creams we normally use daily for infants are not available for them, mild delayed milestones (very frequent with children in orphanages since they lack individual attention) infants born with torticollis which can be fixed with physiotherapy, etc. So far we have had matches from both programs.

At referral stage the prospective adoptive parents will be given the Medical Examination report, the child study report, blood tests, any other available medical report of the child, videos and photos so as to get the necessary medical feedback on the condition of the child from their doctor/pediatrician.

After a match is done and accepted by PAPS the court procedures start for the adoption. It should take not more than 8 months to have the process done and to go collect the child. The parents will need to spend around 12-15 days in India at the end of the process when they go for their child.

There is no need of translation of documents or translators while in India since they are English speaking. We also have the service of agency representatives in India who will help the parents and accompany you when you visit India and go for the child.

More information on adoptions from India can also be found on the CARA website