Inter-Country Adoptions

International Process Overview

International adoption is a wonderful way to incorporate cultural awareness and help a child who needs a family. The process varies in time and expenses, depending upon the country that you select.

Here are the steps:

1. Understand the rules

The process differs if you are adopting from a Hague or non-Hague country. Our staff can assist you in understanding the regulations.

2. Complete an adoption course

Every prospective adoptive parent has to follow an adoption course within the adoption agency before being authorised to carry a home study report that will eventually take the PAP to the actual start of the adoption process.

3. Complete an Adoption Home Study

After the adoption course is completed The agency will carry a home study report for the PAP, this will than be compiled together with a list of other documents which will eventually be submitted to the Maltese adoption board. The adoption board will study the report, if the PAP is found to be an appropriate candidate to adopt an approval for adoption is issued.

4. Hire a placing agency

When the PAPs are approved to adopt a child from the adoption board, Agenzija Tama will come into play again acting as your Placement Agency.

5. Choosing a sending country

Agenzija Tama will help you choose a country from which you can adopt, each sending country has specific adoption requirements and the PAPs must conform to those requirements.

6. Prepare your dossier

Every sending country has a list of documents that the PAPs must send to the sending country in order to apply for adoption. Agenzija Tama will provide this list and will help the PAPs to compile their dossier.

7. Receive a child referral or assignment

Agenzija Tama will start working with the CA or adoption agency in the sending country to identify a child that matches the request that the PAPs have made.

8. Child Acceptance

We will inform the PAPs when a matching has been done. PAPs will review the information with medical professionals so that they make an informed decision before they sign their acceptance. It is important never to accept a referral that you believe is not right for you, and we will advocate for you. The child’s needs should always be the priority.

9. Pre-placement and Placement Travel

Some countries may require visits to the country prior to placement, Agenzija Tama will help you prepare yourself for traveling.

10. Complete Post Placement Reports

Every sending country have different post placement reports requirements. Agenzija Tama will send a social worker visiting you after your child is in your home. We take this opportunity to provide support, education and guidance in making your child’s transition and attachment as healthy as possible. A report will be compiled and the AP will be responsible to have it sent to the sending country.

11. Finalize or Readopt

We will walk you through how to file the right court documents so that you can receive your final Adoption Decree in Malta and a new birth certificate that reflects you as the parents of the child.

12. Post Adoption Support for Adoptees and Adoptive Families

Agenzija Tama believes that adoption is a life long issue, and we will support you whenever an adoption issue arises.